Introducing TechnoMousse Tubeless Tire Inserts

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Technomousse Mousse Tubeless Tire Inserts

What’s the best way to avoid changing flat tires? Prevent them from happening in the first place!

One alternative to using heavy-duty tubes is to replace them with tire mousse designed for off-road riding, such as Technomousse. A mousse is a foam insert that fills the tire cavity with a semi-solid object (molded foam) that is virtually impossible to puncture.

Technomousse Inserts put an end to flat tires and at $109.90 they pay for themselves. Produced in Italy, TechnoMousse is made of a very durable but elastic material that adapts to fill the entire air space of the tire and rim cavity. The mousse reaches its maximum elasticity after a short period of use and returns to the original hardness when at rest.

Important Information:

  • Technomousse doesn’t break or get cut and has no expiration date.
  • The materials used are totally innovative and different from the products of other brands.
  • The degree of hardness of the mousse varies depending on its use and temperature.
  • The mousse reaches its maximum elasticity after a few minutes of use (the amount of time taken can vary depending on the exterior temperature). When at rest the mousse goes back to the original hardness.
  • After its use, we recommend all the users to leave the bike at rest over a central bike stand for at least 45 minutes in order for the mousse gains back its original hardness.
  • We suggest users to use the tire spinning stopper for the rear mousse.
  • The mousses are not approved for public asphalt road use. Use is prohibited on asphalt roads, and the company does not assume responsibility if they are used on asphalt roads.

Since the Technomousse is made from a very elastic material, during its use it adapts and fills the entirety of the space between the tire and wheel. During the substitution of both the front and rear tire, you will find the mousse in a different final shape. After the substitution with a new tire, the mousse will again adapt to the new tire.

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