Fastway by Pro Moto Billet Rear Brake Disc Guards or Disc Protectors for Honda CRF Dirt Bikes & Motocross. Deflect rocks and other debris and prevent damage to the rear disc rotor. The open design allows better cooling and less mud packing. 6061 billet aluminum and anodized for durability and looks. Comes with included integrated wheel spacer / mount tabs for even more strength. Corners are fully rounded.

Fastway Linkage by Pro Moto Billet gives your Dirt Bike Adjustability and Protection. It’s not just a typical replacement linkage as it has four Suspension Adjustments (Stock, .6mm, 1.3mm and 2mm), it can lower seat height, it improves front end steering and cornering and helps keep your bike flat through the whoops and rollers.

Fastway Adjustable Linkage can also stiffen the initial 110mm of rear shock stroke along with protecting your rear shock and linkage from damages and give you better over-obstacle traction.